ZonaAMV The Next Iron Chef


-The contest start in October 3 rd. 23:00 and finish on Monday 6 th 08:00 (AM) (GMT +1 Spain/Paris time).
-It will 2 days and 9 hours to complete your video.
-Worlds time [url]http://24timezones.com/[/url]
-Countdown [url]Countdown Timer – Time since 3. Okt 2014 23:00 started in San Sebastián


-Only one person can take part in the contest, no MEP or collabs
-You can only use Anime and Manga

  • No Hentai etc… But you can use Ecchi
    -every genre is allow
  • the participant you edit at least 1 min
  • You can send you video in avi, .mp4, .mkv or .wmv.
    -You can edit the song as you want
  • No subtitles on video but you can add your own sub


-Every contestant should send at least 2 song to Geingel in ZA, if you are not going to take part in the contest you can also send 2 song anyway
-you cannot use the music that sent before.


-You need to upload the video to a website like Mega, Mediafire etc

  • The 3rd day it will be available another post in which you can post the download link
  • As soon you post the download link you can upload the video to youtube etc…


-the final day it will be available a post in which every participant you should vote.
-If the participant does not vote he/she will get less point.
-everyone in ZonaAMV with more 50 post will be able to vote for any video in the case of the participant they will be able to vote even with 1 post

  • The contestant cannot vote for his own video.

This rules may change but if we do something different we will post it here.

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