[Soul's team] Iron chef 7 (german team ?)

Hi there,
I know it’s a bit late and we just finished the Hot Coffee but some of you could be interested in the next iron chef of Soul’s team. It’s a 3 days Iron chef in team.
So maybe we will see few german here (there is already an italian team, a sweden team and a czech team ^^ ).

Here are the rules :

The Soul’s Team 7th Iron Chef Contest starts from December 17th to December 20th the contest is coordinated by Dn@ and ThePooh.

Read carrefully the rules because you will need some time to be planned for this event.

General concept

You will have to team up with 4 people each of these people will have to edit a 2 minute amv in one of the 4 category listed below.

You’ll compete against the others editors from the other team and you’ll be ranked in the category you’ll decide to edit for.

Each member will represent his team in the respective category he chose and will compete against the other members. Musics packs will be suggested for each category.

When the starting date comes the judges will post a download link for a pack of music those are the music you’ll have to edit in the contest.

Example: action editor of the team “A”will compete the action editors of the other teams with the action imposed musics.

The team who obtains the highest ranks in all the category will be decerned WINNER !!


  • Action : you will edit a dynamic video with some fighting, BOOM BOOM, BANG BANG, etc…
  • Horror/psychedelic: you will edit a freaking or psychedelic, weird, uncommon video
  • Romance: you will edit a video of loooooooooove, you can exploit bad romance/break-up of course
  • Fun/dance: you will edit a funny/upbeat/hilarious video

Live sequences are allowed for Fun category only. But you mustn’t edit a live video, you can just insert few live scenes.


But don’t worry, we will offer a large selection of musics in each category.

Action: 6 musics
Horror/psychedelic: 4 horror musics, 4 psychedelic musics
Romance: 6 musics
Fun/Dance: 4 fun musics, 4 dance musics

Audio mix are allowed only if the musics come from the same category.
In other words if you edit an action video, you can only mix musics from the action musics pack.

Now you can start to manage a 4 editors team and to register it on this thread with a proper team name and why not banners avatars propaganda etc…

You don’t have to choose the categories in advance. You can register a team of 4 first, then choose who will do what later, dont forget to leave us a team name.

Good luck and may the best team win !!

In summary

  • You must register your team before the beginning of the contest on the link given
  • 4 videos have to be submitted per team
  • Each video must have a minimum of 2-minutes duration on the music imposed
  • It’s an 72 hours
  • All the teams registered are listed all bottom of this post !

Begins: 2010/12/17 Friday at 20h00 (GMT+1 - Paris)
Ends:2010/12/20 Monday at 23h00

Registration here:

It’s like downloading a car - i would if i could. Not even home by that time. Still sounds like sth i want to try next year.

Maybe some people on this board will team up for it … might be interesting and a good chance …


So you still have one day to create a german team ! Look at these crazy teams here ! Don’t you want to dominate the world (again :D)

Équipes inscrites / Team Registered :

- Capitaine = Fadoo-Sama

  • Action = Saya
  • Psychédelique = Deltod
  • Romance = Kain X Spirits
  • Dance = Fadoo-Sama

we are one …

P.F.I.V team

Palestinian, French, Italian, Viet team

Chef : Laharl
Action : Nivekov123
Horreur/Psychédelique : TacoAMV
Romance : Luna
Fun/Dance : Laharl
Xpendable :

Captain : Neb
Mecano : Woy
Doyen style : Rody
Viet : Raitei

Connecting people !


Luciole : Action
Cross : Horreur
Tuli : Romance
Skydean : Fun/Dance

In Your Ass représente

Launch of genocide

Harder Better Faster Stronger

¤ Psychopath : Nyala.
¤ Hit man : Creed.
¤ Smoker : Oro$hi.
¤ Swordsgirl : Angelface.

Les Titanux !!!

-Xcite : l’hystérique
-Kis@ : l’egrolekon
-Kyuusei : L’absent
-Shimaki : L’oublié

4 nabbi in padella

Captain: riccardocasu

Action: Diegao
Horreur/Psychédelique: riccardocasu
Romance: Alek
Fun/Dance: SteManga


Theme song - [URL]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJQU22Ttpwc[/URL]

  • Action = Neverend
  • Psychédelique = ZetZu
  • Romance = Niwa
  • Dance = Rubeeh

Czech This Out

De gauche à droite…

La capitaine et la danse folle - Nya-chan Production
Le dieu romantique - ki[R]o
Le protagoniste d’action - GorDon
Le joueur psychédélique - Vikita


Chef de la révolte : ProjectBarcodeError (PBE)
Alchimiste Bombardier : Tricky
Graphiste Propagandeur : Imukkat
Marchand de Mort : Naijiko
„Même la plus petite étincelle peut détruire des fondations“

Cicciponci team

Action: mirkosp
horror: radicalruggy
sentimental: seigen
fun/dance: osnar

Captain: Osnar


Capitaine : Vaglight

Psychédelique : Aken
Fun : Videl
Romance : Yuko
Action : Vaglight

Valenki International

  • Action: Aggressor
  • Horreur/Psychédelique: Yuzuki
  • Romance: KaWaii
  • Fun/Dance: Chono

Pepperoni Pizza Team

Theme song: [b][url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i-GCJHwvCms[/url][/b]

-Action: Claff
-Horreur/Psychédelique: lukeG
-Romance: Kriss
-Dance: killer

Chuck Norris approved! Bon appétit!

crazy teams, I’d totally be up for being the horror/psychedelic guy in a german team but I doubt that we’d have that many interested editors here

haha and horror is the only thing i can edit XDDD i dont know… and i think Ingow is right with the interested editors >_>

if i could understand WHAT exactly is going on here… yes maybe then i am in…

10 h later

ok know i understand ö.ö
sounds funny and time is there… source to… hmmm… I think you can count me at the action-BAMBAM-LOLWUT-part of the german team… but we have a double on the horrortyp and a fail at romance and fun… ok if someone say´s he want the action part i could make the fun but then is romance emty… so german guys… what do we do now? ö.ö

romance is einfach zu langweilig für mich bei nem IC, 3 tage mit romance befassen? no way. :stuck_out_tongue:

für action und dance bin ich nich geeignet genug, deshalb ham wir wohl echt n problem.

wenn man jade dafür einspannen könnte hätten wir kein problem mehr… die könnte rein techinsch gesehen beides…
aber ich denke mal mit etwas mehr vorbereitung und so würde das nächstes jahr für uns da mehr sinn machen… währe jetzt son ein “hey da is was, haste bock?”-spontandingens… da kommt zumindest bei mir nur halbgaares zeug raus, zumal ich vom letzten wochenende noch übel geschlaucht bin XD

bis nächstes jahr hätte ich vielleicht schon übung in was anderem… vielleicht XDDDDD

Hi everyone !

I’m ThePooh, one of the coordinator for this contest. I saw you were a bit concerned by categories. With DnA we really tried to diversify the chosen songs. Thus, romance doesn’t necessarily mean :

" I love you, I miss you so much, don’t touch me here sempai…"

It can also mean " you cheated on me damn bastard I will kill u, u and all your family, acquaintances, pets and neighbours ".

You can just register wait the songs and then chose your categories. Trust me, songs are really diversified.

I would be interested if it was a 24 hours or shorter job. 72 is just too damn long for me. I did 36 hours once and that already was a total chore…
Yes I know, you don’t have to edit all the time, blah blah, but in the end it’s still a complete weekend you sort of have to reserve yourself a good amount of time for editing :stuck_out_tongue:

Even if I would participate, I barely have time this weekend, so sorry, can’t take part.

Alright fine, in that case I could do romance. But it still seems that we can’t get a dedicated team together in this short amount of time. Next year seems much more likely.

Oh cool _ I would have loved to make something like this, but it’s just not possible for me at the moment… But then maybe next year :slight_smile:

BOAH ich hätt da voll Bock drauf!! im IC Fieber bin
Aber BOAH dieses We sieht bei mir echt nicht gut aus…einzige Tag an dem ich mehr Zeit hätte ist Sonntag…hmm hat man am 20. eigentlich auch noch Zeit zum editieren oder is da schon rum?
Wenn man am 20. auch noch könnte wär ich dabei!
Aber ich glaub das Anmelde-Dingens ist dann jetzt eh schon rum >.>

I’m only good at making romantic videos anyway.

with that we would have 4 editors
Anmelden!! :smiley:

Action: Noss
Horror/psychedelic: Ingow
Romance: Streicher
Fun/dance: Jadecharm

German Dreamteam: GOGOGO

Edit: Nee im ernst macht das. Arbeited halt nur 24 Stunden oder 10 oder eine aber wär echt cool wenn wir da vertreten wären. Und falls ihr das macht, denkt euch nen coolen Teamnamen aus aber verdammtnochmal macht das das wär so epic :smiley:

aber wer macht das? ö.ö

also falls ingow streicher und jade einig werden meldet uns an, ich währe auf jeden dabei… da ich aber bis anmeldeschluss definitiev pennen werde hoffe ich mal das nicht wirklich mehr daten von mir benötigt werden… falls doch soll mich jade einfach anrufen und mir sagen was fehlt…

Wie kann man sich anmelden??
Ich will! Ich will! Ich will!

Streicher in Romance -> XD
Dont send an alternative Hot Coffee video for this contest :smiley: