Some AMVs by diegao

I don’t know wich of my videos I have to post here, so check out my Org profile and see what you want xD There are my AMVs and MEPs and some information about me. If you are interested I have a YouTube account. I hope you will enjoy my AMVs and let me know what you think about them, thanks =)


sure you got a lot videos in your profile and it’s a good thing that you don’t start making a thread for each and everyone of them but could you please focus the thread on those videos you think are very good or those where you want feedback, cause as it is now i wouldn’t even know where to start so i better not.

Well anyway please select a few AMVs of yours when doing an announcement rather that giving us the catalog - it’s just confusing and you won’t get any feedback by that.

Yes, you’re right, sorry for the inconvenient :frowning:
Anyway, I report you my last two Amvs, both edited in a small amount of time.

Break Your Vision