Online Contest 2016

Online Contest 2016


Good morning/evening everyone,

Hi everyone. This year again,
AMV-France is proud to announce the Online Contest 2016, an event which
offers a fair experience with his particular rule - 100% ANONYMOUS. It’s
time to explain the rules.

- Rules -

. No theme will be imposed, let your imagination run freely
. The video’s length cannot be under 2min
. The video must be made exclusively for this contest
. The following containers are allowed: .avi, .mp4, .mkv
. Your amv cannot exceed 500Mo unless there is a valid reason
. Your amv cannot feature logo, subtitles and such (unless it is part of the video’s concept)
. Your amv cannot feature any intro or outro

read well, neither intro, neither outro, neither any hint which could
reveal who made this amv. This contest is supposed to be anonymous. You
read well again, COMPLETELY ANONYMOUS.
Thus, nobody will be able to say the name had a role, because the
judges will not know who made what. However, the reverse holds true, the
contestants will not know who the judges are either, why can’t they be
anonymous too? Any amv featuring an intro, outro or hints about its
author will simply be disqualified.
. Contestants can send one amv and one MEP
have more freedom because you are not limited to only one amv by person
but you can also send an amv and a MEP. Each editor will be able to
enter twice at most. People taking part in a MEP, even if they did not
send it themselves, will still be accounted as a double participation to
avoid any abuse. The MEP must also be an exclusivity.

. The amvs must not be uploaded publicly online before the end of the contest
because that would ruin the anonymity, but moreover we will show the
creditless versions ourselves through the AMV-France website. You will
then be able to see them without having to wait for the end of the
contest and the results. And it might be fun to see who guessed the
right editors at the end!
. The deadline is October 31st 2016

- Other Information -

diffusion of the amvs will be continuous with 2 or 3 amvs per day. It
will start when enough amvs are sent. If the number of videos fails to
reach our expectations, the diffusion will consist of only 1 or 2 amvs
per day. We will use an exclusive YouTube channel dedicated only to the
Online Contest. The top 5 will be uploaded (with credits, of course) on the AMV-France chennel, from 5th to 1st place.
will be 3 to 5 judges maximum, depending on the volunteers. Moreover, a
viewer’s prize will be awarded to the video with the most „likes“ on

. Inscription Link :

Good luck to everyone !