LOL things taht happen

Today i looged into #amv channel to molest jcd for a while, a few seconds later one of the mods bans me for no apparent reason XD wtf
anyways im currently at the the college library my guess is that since so many ppl go through these computers the mods from #amv banned someone else and autamatically banned the whole 24 computers here that are all under the same IP adress haha.

Anyways since this is not a journal ill prevent using this has such before i get banned from here too rofl.
JCD u cant scape me RAWWRRR!!!
by the way i lost my password and had to request a new one everything was in german so i didnt understand anything
peace all the way

jokes of the day:

ein Kerl geht in die Straße und er sieht, daß ein Mädchen und er wie zomg O.K. sind und halten zu gehen

Wenn Sie dieses lesen können, ist es, weil mein Deutscher verbessert hat

I see what you did there.

No wait, I see why you got banned. Like, seriously.

they where told that i should be targeted, god knows why

and yea Ingow u big liar that wasnt you in the pic that image was photoshopped, damn i could tell your head was out of proportion something was wrong with that pic.
Post it again LOL

ich kann nicht richtig lesen, dein deutscher ist immernoch komisch.

cool story - but i really didnt get the joke.

sack reis umwerf