L4D Tipps

…poste ich hier weil Steamgruppen Ankündigungen nicht so lang sein dürfen.

  1. While reloading a weapon, you can use the melee attack and it’ll continue to reload, even while attacking.
  2. You can shoot the smoker’s tongue to free allies.
  3. You can melee allies that are trapped by a smoker’s tongue
    to free them instantly.
  4. Crouch if you’re in the front lines, it’ll help your teammates not kill you.
  5. You can melee a hunter midair as it’s pouncing you to stun it and kill it easily.
  6. You can jump on the zombie’s heads to kill them instantly, and also jump OFF of the zombies heads to kill even more.
  7. Hiding in the back of the vents on the second level can save you from tanks, they get stuck and are easy to kill.
  8. Shooting a witch in the head with a hunting rifle (other weapons might work, unsure) will make her stagger for a few seconds, letting your team unload into her safely.
  9. Pressing Q and Right click repeatedly allows you to melee very quickly, you can beat down zombies in seconds, or even hordes of them.
  10. The hunting rifle one hit kills normal zombies.
  11. You can noclip past the ending room of the demo to explore more of the second level.
  12. You can type openserverbrowser in console to view the servers like most other valve games instead of the lobby system.
  13. If you turn sv_cheats 1 on in a dedicated server, people are unable to join it after everyone leaves. Matchmaking ignores it, this continues even if you turn it off.
  14. If you look down with your effects setting in video on at least medium, you can see your legs/feet.
  15. Zombies will instantly die if you jump on their head. (I’m serious.)
  16. The shotgun will last you a lot longer than the Uzi will ammo wise. (You won’t even worry about ammo with the shotgun.)
  17. Tanks eventually disappear if you run away long enough (takes a few minutes)
  18. If you hear a horde coming, jump onto something or find a place where they will run past you.
  19. If zombies spawn and are running towards the survivors due to boomer bile, they will COMPLETELY ignore everyone who is not tagged, so shoot them, faggot. (Unless you block their path)
  20. The person who startled the witch will be singularly targetted by it, if the witch kills said target, it becomes harmless and runs away and soon despawns.
  21. You have 3 times to fall down before you ‘die’
  22. You will respawn in a closet after 2-5 minutes after you do die.
  23. You respawn with 50 HP in a closet or after the map changes, so don’t get too butthurt if a teammate abandons you.
  24. Crouch makes non-shotgun weapons more accurate. Use this in conjunction with the pistol(s) as it has infinite ammo; the assault rifle/smg/sniper does not.
  25. Turn around every now and then to make sure an ally isn’t fucked due to a hunter/smoker.
  26. Zombies try to kill downed players first.
  27. You can run off of the roof of the very first level for a shortcut on to either the air vents, or the vertical pipe 10 feet or so to the left of it. Don’t jump, just run off the roof, you take less damage that way.
  28. You can turn off music and turn on full audio captions if you need warnings for swarms.
  29. 10 Autoshotgun shells do 2500 damage total to a tank (out of 8000), all other weapons do 1000-1300 a clip. Autoshotguns = Tank busters. (M16 Rifle is second best)
  30. Close doors; Zombies are forced to bust them down, letting you know they’re after you and giving you time to shoot.
  31. Follow the person in front, don’t shoot until he shoots.
  32. If a teammate is being attacked by one or two zombies and they might be able to handle it, you should let them. Bad aim can result in far more damage than you would’ve prevented otherwise.
  33. Don’t heal players on painkillers until they die down or lose it.
  34. Use choke points/bottlenecks often. Zombies are programmed to surround you at all times to prevent backpeddaling.
  35. Don’t stop moving. Zombies are infinte, and boss zombies spawn on timed intervals. (Tank spawns every 150-300 seconds)
  36. If a player goes rambo and runs ahead of the team, don’t get too butthurt. If they die, feel free to laugh at them. But if they don’t, then don’t complain.
  37. Light witches and tanks on fire. It helps a lot, tanks will die if you light them on fire and run for 45 seconds or so.
  38. Press E to drop gas cans and other items gently to the floor instead of clicking to throw them.
  39. You can safely melee boomers away twice before you shoot it; three times makes it explode.
  40. Don’t huddle too close to your teammates, one of them will probably shoot you.

Ich schätze Punkt 1 und 9 sind eher Bugs als Features, also gewöhnt euch nicht zu sehr dran.

Öhm, ja und der bisher beste Preis wurde bei amazon.uk endeckt.

  1. Demo ist zu kurz gewesen.

Von dem was ich von Foren so mitkrieg dauert die erste Kampagne so gute 2 Stunden, sehr lange Level und Expert ist wirklich hart.

Noch ne Woche warten :frowning:

Hahaha einige der Punkte sind echt geil so wie 36 - das die Schrotflinte über ist, war mir nach längerem spielen auch iwann aufgefallen. Vieles davon hat man aber schon so ausm spielen der Demo mitbekommen, wenn man sie denn gespielt hat. Und ja - 9 klingt ziemlich stark nach bug - 1 muss ned unbedingt.

das game is nurnoch geil ^^
ok stimmt schon die demo war zu kurz… aber trotzdem geil xD
ich warte ebenfalls sehensüchtigst drauf ^^