Kumoricon 2013 AMV Contest Deadline 24-Jul-13


The Deadline for Kumoricon 2013 AMV contest is 24-Jul-13

We are looking especially for “Mislead the Audience,” so please send us your crossover works and anything in which your AMV story is very much different from the original anime.

Rules are here:


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Confirmed 2 AMVs for that category. Wer noch? :smiley:

This is something that takes a lot of work and effort with almost always mediocre results due to boring slow-paced editing. Thus it’s nothing that i really can or want to do. I will send you my AMV though, if it gets ready in time.

My company sent me to JAPAN on a business trip!!
Of course I got to take a SHOPPING DAY in Akihabara for this year’s Prizes!!
We will be sending prizes from this treasure pile:

Here is the LOOT I hauled back for this year!
Old and new series!

a. Game advertisement handouts from Akiba. EVERY WINNER GETS
EACH of these (4) PLUS a Kumoricon Convention Swag-bag!
b. Toriko placemat
c. Character design artbooks: Pretty Sammy, Tenchi Muyo,
Aquarian Age, KYMG:3 (Kozaki Yusuke)

d. 2X or 3X PRIZE - Mechanical Illustration Artbook of
1981 vs 2010 Space Battleship Yamato

e. KosMos-4 figurine (Xenosaga) and Hitagi Senjogahara (Bakemonogatari) figurine
f. DVD and Blu-ray media:
Kokurico Saki Kara (From Up on Poppy Hill) OVA
El Cazador de la Bruja
Girls & Panzer (Two prizes! DVD + Blu-Ray box set!)
Haiyore Nyaruko-W
Kenran Buttousai: Mars Daybreak
Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate
Litchi de Hikari Club
Red Data Girl
Rosario to Vampire
Turn-A Gundam 30th Anniv. Commemorative Special
g. Pumpkin Scissors DVD and Character Artbook
h. Bleach pencilboard and notebook
j. Binbougami Postcard sets. We have 2.
k. Japan Self Defense Force Curry pack. We have 4.**
m. AKB48 Manga
n. One Piece manju box. We have 2.**

** These are shelf-stable food items which will remain fresh for months. They are now kept refrigerated for maximum freshness and will be awarded at Kumoricon or shipped to US winners. (I don’t want tor try to get food items through international customs.)

Kumoricon convention also gives me more prizes on top of this and so we should have a great selection to choose from!!!

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PS the missing letter line points to a Toriko furoshiki.