Kumoricon 2012 AMV Contest Playlist and Results!

HERE WE GO! The contest happens NEXT WEEK!
Here is the playlist of AMVs selected by the judges’ panel.
I will also post the voting results here shortly after the contest.


Kumoricon 2012 AMV Contest Playlist:


  1. Turning the Tables
  2. Spinning Blood
  3. It’s the Jacket
  4. GO²!!
  5. Razor’s Edge
  6. Wingman: Men Of Steel


  1. Colored Push
  2. In Terminis
  3. Mirai Nikki Cinematic AMV
  4. Fatum Initium
  5. Waltz S
  6. Wut a F__k 2


  1. The 08th Team
  2. A. Night
  3. Requiem of the Endless Eight
  4. Furinkan Stalker
  5. Gjutyun
  6. Na-Na-Na


  1. Sorry for Being Hercule, Sincerely Mr. Satan
  2. Ultima Showdown
  3. The Morning After on the SDF-1
  4. Troll of Hearts
  5. Men
  6. Revenge of Ghost Hamster


  1. Average, Slightly Annoying Life
  2. Derelict
  3. The Device Has Been Modified
  4. Perfect World
  5. Heroes of Tomorrow
  6. Frostfire


  1. The Time Traveler’s Wife
  2. Girls Assemble
  3. Azumanga Daioh Girls in Trouble
  4. Ghost in the Protocol
  5. The Ring
  6. Nausicaa Warrior Princess


  1. Magic Eye
  2. the Ballad of Victorique
  3. Galaxy Bounce 2012
  4. Dirty Second Hands
  5. Outlaw

Also watch this thread, for this year another gracious Kumoricon staffer
will be offering the Contest and the Warm-up Show available as an FTP
download, I will post details here, and the files should be available for
at least a few months after the contest!

Und welches Video in welcher Kategorie ist von wem?

I am sorry, but I do not know which AMV editors prefer to keep their data private.

After the contest (which is in 2 days) I expect to have an FTP site where all the files can be downloaded. At that time, I will look at the file names and may add some studio names to the list, according to whether the file name has a studio name or not.

I will also be updating the playlist to include the anime and (if known) the music used.

OK, here goes babelfish (and what I remember from high-school German!)

Es tut mir leid, aber ich weiß nicht welche AMV Editoren bevorzugen, ihre Daten vertraulich zu behandeln.

Nach dem Wettbewerb (was in 2 Tagen) erwarte ich eine FTP-Site haben, wo alle Dateien D/L werden können. Danach,

wenn der File-name einen Studio-Namen hat, wird dann ich den Studio-Namen der Play-Liste hinzufügen.

Ich werde auch Aktualisierung die Play-Liste auf den Anime und (falls bekannt) die Musik verwendet.


AMV!DE entert Intensity 8)

“Wingman of Steel” ist von Cenit … und “GO²!?!” von mir :thumbsup:

That’s “Wingman: Men Of Steel” but … sure whatever.


  • GLL

Thank you again everyone and I hope to hear from animemusikvideos.de
again for our contest NEXT YEAR!

Haha awesome. Sorry for editing but i had to. Anyway thanks for all the updates and good luck with the Contest. Looking forward to the results :3

“Wingman: Men Of Steel” has tied for first place in ‘Intensity.’
The other AMV was “Razor’s Edge”
I will be sending prizes to BOTH editors.
Well done and Thank You!
Full, final, official results are posted here:

FINAL OFFICIAL RESULTS - Kumoricon 2012 AMV Contest:

Razor’s Edge [TIE FOR 1st!!]
Wingman: Men Of Steel [TIE FOR 1st!!]
Turning the Tables [2nd]
Spinning Blood [3rd]

Two prizes will be awarded for this category.

Wut a F__k 2 [1st]
Waltz S [2nd]
Mirai Nikki Cinematic AMV [3rd]

Furinkan Stalker [1st]
Na-Na-Na [2nd]
Requiem of the Endless Eight [3rd]

Sorry for Being Hercule, Sincerely Mr. Satan [1st]
Ultima Showdown [2nd]
Revenge of Ghost Hamster [3rd]

Heroes of Tomorrow [1st]
Derelict [2nd]
Perfect World [3rd]

Girls Assemble [1st]
The Ring [2nd]
Azumanga Daioh Girls in Trouble [3rd]

Outlaw [1st]
Galaxy Bounce 2012 [2nd]
Magic Eye [Tie for 3rd]
The Ballad of Victorique [Tie for 3rd]

Best of SHOW:
1st: Ultima Showdown
2nd: Sorry for Being Hercule, Sincerely Mr. Satan
3rd: Out.Law

Judges’ Choice:

for more information and download links.

See YOU Next Year!!!

YESSS!!! :smiley:

Awesome! Great to hear. Really! Thanks a lot you hosted a great Contest. Thanks for all the work you put in and also all the updates you provided. Please keep that up next year! I would love to participate again so … I guess see you next year then :smiley:

Glückwunsch Cenit :thumbsup:

Ich würde das Ergebnis ja jetzt auseinander nehmen … aber es stehen ja nirgendwo die Editoren zu den Videos.
Vermutlich hast du wohl verdient einen ersten Platz belegt :stuck_out_tongue:

Glückwunsch Cenit! (=

Vllt. hat ers inzwischen editiert. Aber bei mir stehen die Editoren in Klammern dahinter.

Oha was geht … vllt schau ich mir mal die Videos an. Glückwunsch auch von mir, du Lucker. xD

Please look at the thread:

We have about half of the editors who have download links.

also FTP of whole contest instructions here:

Also I sent Cenit’s package yesterday.
It may take 3 ~ 5 weeks.

Thank you and I hope all animemusikvideos.de members feel welcome to enter our 2013 contest too!!

(PS Im 1990 haben uns unsere Hochzeitsreise durch Deutschland gemahkt. Es war zen-zen ausgezeichnet!)

Once again thanks man. Good Job! Looking forward to next year!

Thanks a lot, Kumoricon. It will be my pleasure next year :smiley:

Claymore Blue-Ray! __________

Sau nice die Preise!! ___

Ging aber ganz schön flott…

Nächstes Jahr wird mindestens so gut Preise oder besser!
Ich auch find Valkyria Chonicles sehr Spaß. Die Gallian Gewehre („Gallian Firearms“) sind eine Mischung von (Rus) Mosin-Nagant 91/30 und das Gewehr-43.

Die Blume auf dem Gallian Panzer ist sehr ähnlich wie im ersten Weltkrieg Gebirgsjäger.

Better photo of Gewehr 43 here:

More [/b]information on firearms in Valkyria Chronicles here:

We hope to get more AMVs from animemusikvideos.de for 2013!!

Again, congratulations Cenit!!