French invasion has begun !

Hey guys,

I registered here after talking with Cenit on IRC.
So quick presentation :
Snowcrash, 25 years-old, editor since 2008, but watching AMV since 2004.
Interested about non-japanese animation in particular.

Anyway if I am here, it’s to talk about an important thing : the Hot Coffee !

I don’t know if there is a thread somewhere but I am pretty sure few french AMV-makers could be interested if I am doing some publicity on AMV-france forum.

See you, guys 8)

YESS. Glad you made it.

About Hot Coffee … there is this thread right now:


You should talk to Streicher cause i’m not not sure how far he is into planning the event.

Have fun! Guess we should occupy the french forum some time in the future :stuck_out_tongue:

more promo for HC :3
only for this I maybe gone love you XD

so you are an ceater too… hehe wonna see some of your creations ^^

ok have fun and do it gantly ;D

sn0wcrash im a fan of you, your nigTHClub amv is sooo amaizing.
i like ur taste of music.
do u know The Glitchy Mob, ediT and Of Porcelain i guess u will like the music ^^

sry 4 my bad english

damn what? o.O
this guy made nightclub? WTF?
I showed at the connichi-amv because JCD showed me before and I was… impressed o.O

I know ediT and discovered rencently The Glitchy Mob with the Best Overall of AWA 16 - The Apple Tree which causes a polemic on the Org actually ^^ (but I like trailer cut style).
/me gonna get Of Porcelain ^^

And yeah THC is good for us :smiley:

Thank you ^^’

Vote nigTHClub for best (hot) dance AMV at the VCA 2011 8)

wow this video is outstanding
pure eyegasm ^^
the editing style and effects reminds me a little at this vids:
Dstrukt 2006
Dstrukt 2008

this vids are kinda old but i still love them ^^


nice to have you here. Having more people for Hot Coffee means more fun (except for Streicher and his jury, lol). Really looking forward to see how this years HC’s going to be like because last year we’ve been REALLY short on people.

nigTHClub caught my attention at Connichi’s AMV Night - nice idea and really good work on that one =3

HC needs more sick shit.