ENP IC #1: Wildfire

Fix your mustaches and grab your frying pans, it’s cooking time!
The folks at Ellines Nakama are happy to present the production’s 1st public Iron Chef contest. Fires wild enough to cook the most raw AMV into Fracture.

Thanks Katsuki for this amazing poster, you’re B0SS !

The flames of competition shall begin to rise on January 27 midnight (GMT+02:00) and the meals should be ready and served by January 29 midnight (GMT+02:00).
During those 3 days there are only a few rules you would want to follow, to avoid burning yourselves:

1- Videos must be at least 1:30 long.
2- We might all be pirates, but we pretend to be noble, so avoid having fan-subs, and TV logos in your works.
3- No explicit or graphic material.
4- You may edit a song in any way you like, regardless of what category you found it in. Just make sure you’ve at least found it in our song pool (which will be released around 9pm on the 26 of January), and not somewhere else.
5- The special category NANI allows you to edit Gaming and Live action footage, again with any song from the packs.
6- The final file shall be named in the following manner: [Category] Nickname/s - Title

Once you are done, you will just have to host your video on a file hosting site that allows downloading, and is also free (we’re Greeks, we have budget problems). Examples would be Mega, dropbox, mediafire, sendspace, etc.
Done that? Great, now you can just pm the link to your video to DrunkenPony (on the forum or on Discord: Drunkenpony#7509) who will send you a confirmation of having received your video as soon as he gets it.

Although you probably don’t care, but the arrogant know-it-alls who think that it’s socially acceptable to judge people, are:

They shall judge your cooking, that might or might not turn out to be very salty, and decide on the following honors:

Best Solo
Best MEP/Collabs
Best Action
Best Romance/Drama
Best Fun
Best Horror/Psyche
Best Dance/Upbeat
Best NANI (GMV/Live action)
Best Overall

The first three overall winners, will get an exclusive prize from the anime-otaku online store

[b]REGISTER HERE : [url]http://enps.pro-forums.org/t2450-register-here[/url][/b]

Now you can feel free to spam, share your recipes, and post any questions you might have!
See you in the Wild Fires!

Special Thanks to DrunkenPony for organizing the IC!