Caco Ssama is here xd

Yo guys, I am Elias from Dominican Republic I speak Spanish (natal tongue) and english xd, I like to edit AMV and FMV (Film Music Video), I have about 3 years editting, I like girls :thumbsup: ,Movies,Animes,Games, etc. My nicknames are Caco, Caco Ssama, Venom and some girls tell me Caquito :thumbsup: wich is like little caco in english, sorry I really do not know anything about germany but I think that google translator can helpme :thumbup:

Why hello there and welcome to the german AMV Community. Always nice to meet fellow international editors. A quick crash course on germany:

We like most of the stuff that you like, too, even the girls here like girls so that’s a big plus. We also like beer, Dubstep (especially the swiss folks) and sometimes even war (although lacking a bit on that in the 70 years).

I’ve seen your thread about the MEP Iron Chef. We will consider it although we just had an iron chef contest of our own last weekend with 2 more upcoming in the next 2 months.

Anyway nice to meet you!

thanks man xd, I didn’t know about the IC of your own but in the next one ZonaAMV is going to be there :thumbup: but we hope at leats a video of this community :thumbup:

Welcome. ^^

Dominican Republic! How awesome is that?
Pleased to meet you & welcome :thumbup:

So then hello welcome and every thing you know :3
mutch fun here :slight_smile: