Bleach Technique Beat

So yeah… I was bored and I made this. The last of the TechBeats, and it’s going out with a bang. Hope you guys enjoy it.

Orite, now for the fun stuff:

First of all:

  1. BTB-FXless - The raw Premiere export, no effects, save for a blur or two
  2. BTB Syncher Thinger - Bahahahah
  3. Kenshin’s Technique Beat HQ
  4. Naruto’s Technique Beat

The Other other BTBs:

Ileia’s: BTB fun
Kitsuner’s: Teh Bee Tee Beeflex
Fall_Child42’s: Highway to the BTB
Nessie’s: MoreDotsBTBStyle

Das hat sogar gemacht das ich mir ohne Schwierigkeiten ein Bleach AMV bis zum Schluss angucken konnte.

It succeded in making me not wanting to stop a Bleach-AMV before completing.
Great work decoy!

Jeah great job the effekts are very very good, at Naruto it is a perfekt effektsychro. Ok i can only say top.


Geil, Herr Südafrikanischer Löwe :open_mouth:

Great Work I Love It

Godver Ryno moet je nou overal waar ik ook zit pimpen ofzo? Je weet wat k ervan vind dus dat ga ek niet meer herhalen over alle boards heen. Ek post dit wel op ieder board waar je hem post trouwens :wink:

i`m so totally getting it baby

well, this vid actually did r0x0r my s0x0r :smiley:

absolutely awsome!

I dont like Bleach, but this video is hawt sex !

U chaka laka U chaka laka


really cool and…dotty :stuck_out_tongue:
But I have to complain that there isn’t any depth lol
really impressive eyecandy

I´ve lost my eyelight. Simply: godlike

This is really a pretty good video ^^
But it’s not really my taste lol

ich meine das hier

sorry für den verspäteten post hab es übersehen :frowning:

Huch - ich auch …
NICE STUFF , WellDone² ! … but i like NTB more ! :slight_smile: