Another greetings from Ungarn

Hallo leute !

Joining to Mystyk / Heni’s invitation, I also registred myself here. First of all I do not understand German at all (maybe just some very similar words to the English or Dutch, but that’s all) so I will write in English. Currently I am not so active as AMV editor meaning that due to my work and other projects nowadays I am taking part MEPs with track and do the oraganization work of our Hungarian AMV community (contests, convention screenings etc.) As commenter I am not so active at ORG or at the Russian pages but I am daily guest there searching for fresh, new AMVs. (probably I have the biggest AMV collection in our inland community :smiley: )
Before 2010 I made several full-lenght AMVs you can check them out at my ORG profile. I cannot mention favourite anime or manga I have too much to point out some :slight_smile: I am working with Sony Vegas, AE CS5 and PS CS5 but I know, there so much trciks and techniques to learn…

I hope that you don’t mind if I will lurk your forum time by time, I d’like to be present at several community forums and having contacts (for example, for further international connections and cooperation)

Hello and welcome here. I hope you will feel comfortable around here.

For the Org-Profile link in your Profil. Please just type in your org ID (the last few numbers in that link). The rest will be done by the board.

Have fun and greetings to Hungary!

Really nice introduction =3
I bid you welcome, even if you only drink tea~

Thanks for your welcome greetings guys. Cenit, I changed the ID I hope you meant it only for the ID number. :slight_smile: When I was filling the line…I saw BIER !!! WTF !? What does it mean ? Let’s see the dictionary ! Nope bier has no other meaning than beer…and I was thinking about…This…is… GERMANIA! Bier ist very important for them (typical fluid). I have to admit that Hungarians also like German lager beers a lot, but I do not drink alcohol at. It’s unmanly but that’s how I live :slight_smile:

Btw. Cenit since I saw your Lupin III AMV,Renegade: Versus) I ilke it :slight_smile: I 've already screened it at our last convention. Another favourite of mine from a german editor is Wunderschöne Welt from zest. :slight_smile:
And as far as I remember there was already some convention ago German national block (it was my idea to introduce 3 chosen countries in every convention with some selected AMVs). Hm…yes I checked it. It was in 2009 Summer convention, there were Austrian - German - Russian national blocks. The German block built up like this:

1. Warheart - Remains of Oblivion
2. Kevmaster - Never Sleep Alone
3. Ingow - Mantra
4. JadeCharm - Ouran POP
5. Gfn - Project Relic
6. Warheart - Phoenix Rising