About this image (looking for this anime)

Hi there im looking for the anime series, movie or group that the girl in this image belongs to ( the girl drinking from the cup with a laptop on her legs)

JCD says is not part of a series or anything its just someones original work, if so where can i find more

tnx alot!!!

well tnx to zest for providing me with the minitokyo.net link where i went and created a thread asking for this image and this anime.

To my surprise i was answered in like 1 hour time in wich i discovered that the anime correspording to this image sucks kinda hard, this was alss confirmed by Zest Streich Markus Px32 and Jcd all together at the same time


im now embarrassed and ashamed of myself and wont post in this forum for at least a week.




@ Link: Strange Anime…
Did’nt know it at all. ^^’

i made a s.p. wallpaper once… lol

about the headercharacter
i think its just a random animebabe, ive seen the pic on minitokyo and so on
it shouldn`t be hard to find, or just ask soji

Well, to me this looks like a nice Anime :open_mouth:
I want to watch it lol ;_;

it is boring as hell and smells, but the characters are cute :stuck_out_tongue: